Southern Maryland Food Council

Update 10/24/18: The council is officially announcing it’s reformation. The council is currently in the process of recruiting additional members and getting our current members established. Please check back for further updates.

The Southern Maryland Food Council is made up of key regional food stakeholders (such as anti-hunger groups, educators, gardeners, farmers, environmental non-profits, social service workers, retail stores, interested citizens, etc). The Council is focused on enhancing the sustainability and health of the environment, economy and communities in the Southern Maryland region through stakeholder networking, project planning and development. In the next year, the Council plans to address issues of food accessibility to hungry and under-served communities, agricultural sustainability, resource conservation, community education and regulation efficacy.

The Food Council’s work impacts food security and agricultural sustainability throughout the entire state of Maryland, but specifically targets the Southern Maryland and DC regions.

The Southern Maryland Food Bank and Outreach Services is currently the host organization for the Southern Maryland Food Council.

Current Initiatives:

  •  Expanding Pop-Up Markets to encourage the use of WIC, SANP, Senior vouchers.
  • Food recovery education for caterers and restaurants. Linking donations with proper recipients.

Current members:

  • David Anderson
  • Jessica Conjour
  • Brenda DiCarlo, Director of the Southern Maryland Food Bank and Outreach Services
  • Felica Dixon
  • Rev. Marty Eldridge,
  • Theresa Murphy, Outreach Coordinator of the Southern Maryland Food bank and Outreach Services
  • Kalyn Petrillo
  • Janet Sefton
  • Rosanna Vogt
  • Sam Williams II


The council is in the process of recruiting members and is looking for individuals interested in agriculture, legislative work, hunger solutions and environmental concerns. For more information or to join, please fill out the contact form below or contact the Southern Maryland Food Bank & Outreach Services @ #301-274-0695


Please visit the council at their website:

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For more information, contact the Southern Maryland Food Bank and Outreach Services Staff


# 301-274-0695