Mission Statement


Southern Maryland

Food Bank

Easing the Pain of Hunger in Southern Maryland!

The Southern Maryland Food Bank and Outreach Programs has been in operation since 1983 and is dedicated to serving the Tri-County area of Southern Maryland. The Southern Maryland Food Bank provides a steady supply of bulk food to grass root organizations that assist those in need without prejudice.  We accomplish this by working with pantries, shelters, group homes and soup kitchens to ensure that we are using the very best business practices possible and providing educational training, events and other projects. Our Outreach programs provide direct service to isolated and resource poor areas, which allows us to service people where they are. Our Outreach Programs include Snack Saks, Senior Saks, Seeds of Hope Garden, Giving Hope Food Pantry and the Meals of Hope Mobile Meal Truck.  Our goal is to fill the gap that exists, due to food insecurity and to help better the lives of those we serve.