Seeds of Hope Community Learning Garden

About the program:

The Seeds of HOPE Community Learning Garden allows us to work with and serve the community in a unique way. The foundation of the garden includes raises planting beds, a composting area, a small green house for seedlings and rain barrels for water conservation efforts. The entire garden is surrounded by a fence composed of recycled pallets.

The garden also has an education element for youth and activity groups and for those that home school their children. They will come to the garden and learn as they contribute to easing the pain of hunger as the produce that is harvested from the garden is used to provide a fresh and healthier element to the Giving Hope Food Pantry bags. Free produce stands will also be established for those in need as the garden continues to expand and grow.

It’s first year of growth began in the 2016 growing season, and is continuing well in to 2018!

Interested in having your group come to the garden? Learning/volunteer opportunities are available to all home schooling and youth groups throughout the summer! Please contact the food bank to set up